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Genießen Sie Live-Musik in unserem Garten


An organic encounter focused on a journey through music and movement. It is a space for self-exploration and self-expression free of judgment. We are the Star Seed and we have come to Earth to create Unity and help the planet, people who you will easily identify with and find inspiring! Stories of finding your special purpose here on Earth, finding love, and creating the life you truly want! Trust that everything is welcome.


It invites us to take our attention inward, releasing any performance or social pressure, and allowing ourselves to be as we are. Music is there to activate and resonate with different parts of our being that we are invited to express through movement. This journey encourages the integration of different parts of our being, the circulation of Prana, physical and emotional healing.


    We have to leave the dance floor if we want to talk to someone.This helps create a sacred and ceremonial atmosphere while keeping the focus inward.However, you can express yourself through sound and breathing.


    Look for consent when you interact with someone or involve someone in your dance.Ecstatic Dance is mostly an individual journey, but you can dance as a couple or in a group if it comes organically.


    Enjoy Dance however you want, however your soul desires.Stop trying to fit in, attract attention, go unnoticed, or please others.Connect and reveal the deepest energies within you that seek expression.

Dance Church Dates 2024

Sunday April 21st

10:00 - 15:00

Sunday May 5th

10:00 - 15:00

More dates TBA