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We are Fabrice and Eduardo from France and Costa Rica and we have created Bodhi Natura and Bodhi Hemps in Mallorca known as the island of calm and tranquility. From our love for Nature we want to get the best and take care of ourselves every day by combining the wonderful benefits of Hemp Practice, cannabidiol and yoga . They help us relieve anxiety, improve our sleep and find peace of mind.

We started our adventure collaborating with some amazing European brands like Bloom&Cie or Hemper who design sustainable and responsible products with different parts of the hemp plant: seed, flower, fiber and leaf.

Hemp is a super plant, one of the few that can satisfy 4 essential human needs: food, health, housing and clothing , and that is why we love it.

So that you know more about what makes us vibrate, we are currently creating our own range of organic products that will take you on a trip to the Mediterranean. Bodhi Hemp's is growing and we are very excited to share our experience with you.

The spirit of the Bodhi tree is also an inspiration for us since in Sanskrit Bodhi means "enlightenment" and "awakening". It fits perfectly with our idea of ​​making you discover the best of Hemp, CBD, Yoga and holistic products that allow us all to bring body and mind closer to nature.

Always natural and eco-responsible, the products we select are made consciously and with Love.

Eduardo and Fabrice ✨